“Coaching means professional guidance in which the coach as an equal partner supports a client to reach self-chosen goals.”  

Coaching is a structured, goal-oriented process. The coach interactively encourages the coachee to behave effectively, through:

  • creating awareness and personal growth
  • strengthening confidence, and
  • exploring, developing, and applying one’s own possibilities

The coach and coachee* together are responsible for the process.

*The coached can be an individual, but also a team that is to be coached as a whole.

Coaching is a form of guidance that is meant to help people to develop in a positive way. The coach strongly believes in people’s powers of change and adaptability.

Healing is not the goal of coaching, nor is illness the starting point.

Coaching is rooted in positive psychology and should not be confused with counseling or therapy, which are forms of guidance that are directed towards  treating a mental blockade or stagnation. Mentoring and training are related concepts, but not synonymous with coaching. Insight is a form of learning through which the coachee, by synthesizing their own knowledge and sometimes the coach’s knowledge, becomes more proficient at reaching predetermined goals