Couples Therapy

            “Should we stay together?”

            “She sits on my neck.” “He never says anything.”

            “The sex is not good and we have a lot of arguments.” 

            “We do not reach each other.”

            “We absolutely do not feel connected.”

            “We seem to grow apart.”

Couples therapy can offer a solution to the problems mentioned above. With EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) you can work on your relationship.  EFT couples therapy is working on relationships and has been proven effective.

     1.  You learn to recognize and understand your pattern.

     2. You can name fears and needs.

     3. Get out off your patterns: getting the courage to ask for help, support and understanding.

EFT Couples therapy in brief:

  • Focuses on emotions, understanding of love and connection within the Couples relationship
  • Has a high success rate, more than other Couples therapies
  • Looks at communication and patterns of  behavior within the relationship
  • Looks at the mutual attachment and accessibility;
  • Seeks and finds the sore places of past experiences
  • Cultivating a safe basis to discuss difficult things


The following topics are often discussed in a couples therapy:

  • Understanding love and attachment - why is a sense of attachment so important to us
  • Where and why does it go wrong in love relationships? - how we contribute to quarrels or estrangement
  • Finding and investigating the sore places - why do I respond in this way to certain behaviors, words or wishes of my partner?
  • Looking back on a crisis - things have happened that were painful to me in our relationship. How do I restore the connection and create a safe foundation?
  • Developing engagement and involvement - How do I open up and create positive moments of affiliation with my partner?
  • Forgive injuries and building trust again - How can I share my pain with my partner, listen openly to my partner's pain and how does "forgiveness" work?
  • Strengthen the bond through sex and touching - how can our sexual relationship strengthen our sense of attachment?
  • Keeping your love alive - how can we ensure that we do not lose sight of each other in the future? My partner's hurt and how does "forgiveness" work?